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Belinda Novotnij C.P.C.S (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Specialist) is the Owner and Founder of    "Inspired by Natural Beauty".

Belinda has over 20 years of experience as a Medical Assistant and Surgical Technician and is Certified in Cosmetic Tattooing.

Combining her love for medicine, training, eye for detail, her natural talent and passion for helping people, give her clients the very best results possible.

She can enhance your Natural Beauty, important features for a more youthful or prominent look, as well as give back features taken away due to aging or misfortunes.

Belinda earned Certifications in Permanent Cosmetics and Advanced Certifications in Paramedical Micropigmentation.

As a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and a very personal experience with cancer she dedicates most of her time helping restore the dignity of cancer patients, through Areola Repigmentation, Scar Camouflage and Chemo Makeover.

She works with clients who have autoimmune disease, such as Alopecia, Vitiligo 

and Trichotillomania.

Digital Machines allow her to implant the high quality pigment into your skin quickly, efficiently and safely. High quality pigment that is safe for your skin and hygienic. She uses topical anesthetics before and during the procedure to assure you of the most comfortable experience possible.

All procedure are performed using disposable (one time only) supplies that follow strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines as required by the Center of Disease Control(CDC) and OSHA regulations.

Belinda is Bloodborne Pathogens Certified to keep you safe from the spread of disease and permitted by the Department for Public Health.

She practices in a clean, safe and very inviting environment assuring your health and safety.


"The benefits of permanent cosmetics and paramedical micropigmentation are to help you feel and look your best as naturally and effortlessly as possible.

I take the fear out of micropigmentation by showing you how your desired procedure will look during an detailed and relaxed consultation.

You will be amazed by how surprisingly quick, comfortable and easy the process can be".

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