Inspired by Natural Beauty

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup also called Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing
enhances in a very natural way your facial features by implanting
pigment into the dermal layer of your skin.


Is Permanent Makeup like tattoo?

In Permant Cosmetics specially designed pigments, techniques and tools
are used for micropigmention. Only specialists trained in
micropigmentation can perform the permanent cosmetic procedures on your face or skin.


Is it safe ?
All procedures are performed using disposable (one time only) supplies
that follow strict sanitation and sterilization regulations as required
by the center of Disease Control(CDC) and OSHA regulations.
'Inspired by Natural Beauty'operates in a clean and safe environment that
has been inspected and permitted by the Hamilton County Department of
Public Health.


How long last permanent makeup?
Everyone is different, age, skin tone, the exfoliation process the use
of glycolic, retin-A,overexposure to sun, body chemistry and the degree
following the aftercare instructions are factors how long ist last.
You will want to freshen up your cosmetic tattoo every few years,
some people want a touch-up every 2-6 years.


Is it expensive, what is the average cost of permanent makeup?

Your investment in permanent makeup saves time and money in the long run.
Considering permanent makeup last for years it is relatively inexpensive,
ranging anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the
area and procedure.


Is it painful?

Topical anestetic will be applied before and during the procedure to
assure the procedure to be as comfortable as possible.


How long does a procedure take ?

Time vary, depending on the area of procedure, how much work has to be
done and the sensitivity of each client. For inicial procedures 1-3 hours,
some special need procedure even longer and regular touch-up procedures
approx. 30-45 min.


Is there a possibility of complications or side effects ?

Any time the skin is open, even the smallest scratch can cause an infection.
Therefore the procedure area has to be kept clean, all aftercare
instructions have to be strictly followed.
Redness for a few hours, slight swelling possible, tenderness for a few days
might accure due to procedure. Allergic reactions to pigment are very rare.


Can I attend any sport/activity that day ?

Excessive sweating should be avoided for the next 3 days, as well as hot showers.


What should I do before a planned procedure ?

If you have any medical condition contact your physician prior to your
procedure, in some cases you may need your physicians release in order
to undergo a procedure of your choice. Clients with cold sores/herpes outbreaks
have to take medication pre and post a lip procedure.
This is an measure for your own benefit.


Do I have to follow any aftercare instructions?

After every procedure you receive a 'Aftercare Package' including
aftercare instructions and aftercare produkt to ensure the best outcome
of your procedure possible.
Faillure to follow the instructions can result in a undesired outcome.